iRacing – Seizoen 2020 Build 2 Patch 6 heeft een week na Seizoen 2 patch 5 alweer de volgende patch uitgebracht. Vanaf vandaag is de Seizoen 2 Patch 6 van 2020 beschikbaar.



AI Racing
– Lime Rock Park – Grand Prix is now available for AI Racing!

– A new parameter, “joyEnableVibrateThrottleWithPedal=1” has been added to the “[Force Feedback]” section of the “app.ini” file.
– – When set to “0”, this parameter disables the vibration motors on a Fanatec throttle pedal.
– Users now have the option to offset the position of n-position rotary switches so you can more easily match the numbers on your knob to the numbers shown on screen.
– – When recalibrating you can now choose to offset the value by +/- 1. This offset is relative to the first position on the switch and not the numbers that may be painted on it. So, a +1 offset would output 1 for the first position rather than 0.


Dallara IR18
– Season setup for Iowa Speedway – Oval has been updated.

Ford GT – 2017
– Various audio for this vehicle has been improved, including: On-board engine sounds, starter and ignition sounds, and gear shift compressor sounds.

Global Mazda MX-5 Cup
– Vehicle artwork has been updated to utilize the 2020 Season contingency decals package.

Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (991)
– Tire model has been updated.
– – Our primary goal with these changes is to have the tires come in much more quickly from cold, eliminating the need for tire warmers. Also, we have targeted a more realistic, and quite low, degradation over the course of a run.

Supercars Ford Mustang GT
– A Ford logo has been added to the dashboard.

Super Late Model
– Engine airflow to the radiator at tracks over a mile long has been increased.


Dover International Speedway
– SAFER barriers have been added on the straights.
– Driving Line Guide has been updated.
– Some advertisements have been updated.

Stafford Motor Speedway
– Some advertisements have been updated.

Talladega Superspeedway
– A gap in the back-straight wall has been fixed.
– Some fences have been updated.
– Some advertisements have been updated.