Abruzzi RaceWear Standard Gloves

Abruzzi RaceWear has again provided us with their most recent models of gloves. All these models are upgraded versions of their current line-up. One of these models are the new standard gloves. The standard model are simple black gloves with white details and a velcro closure at the back. The gloves are provided with grip pads in logical places. They are made of a very good quality fabric, have a good fit and are very comfortable. Whether you have an Alcantara or a leather steering wheel, the gloves offer a good grip. The only disadvantage we could find on these gloves was the part around the wrist, the end only becomes smoother after a few hours of riding, which offers just a little more comfort while driving. Abruzzi RaceWear listens very carefully to the feedback they receive from their customers, testers and reviewers. This point has also been improved on the model and makes the gloves we tested obsolete.

Now we have been able to test quite a few different brands of gloves recently, yet we continue to fall back on our first customized version of Abruzzi, which we have been able to review last year. We can tell you that from now on we have a new favorite and they have not become the standard gloves from Abruzzi, although they may deserve a good second place. We’ll be posting the review of our new favorite gloves sometime next week. So keep following us!

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