Automobilista 2 – V1.1.2.1 Released

AMS2 V1.1.2.1 is now live – this is a minor hotfix to complement and correct a few things from the latest release.

V1.1.2.1 Changelog

  • Fixed bug where blue flag could be triggered incorrectly in some instances
  • Minor adjustments to aero / tires for Group C cars & Omega
  • Minor Group C BoP adjustment to improve 962C pace against Sauber C9 (slightly better aero efficiency)
  • Minor AI callibration pass for Prototypes, SprintRace & SuperV8
  • Adjusted Turbo Volume for Sauber C9
  • Increased wet grip for concrete, low grip roads, curbs & astrotruf
  • Spa-Francorchamps 1993: New AI path revision addressing some slow corners; minor art pass correcting some objects popping
  • Ibarra: Reworked outer terrain export settings to solve LOD pop in rear view mirror
  • Updated StockCar Omega interior textures

Update: Another build (1559) now live with further content adjustments (no change in version number as exe remained the same)

  • Fixed Porsche 962c still having spool enabled (now its a setup optional)
  • Further art pass for Spa Francorchamps 1993
  • Minor audio adjustments to Sauber C9, Omega Stock Car
  • Minor AI callibration pass for all F1 cars, Opala 1986, Omega 1999, StockV8 & Sprintrace
  • Adjusted Omega StockCar windshield texture