Sim-Lab P1-X cockpit with pedal slider base & triple monitor stand

Thanks to Sim-Lab we were able to upgrade the GT1 Evo to the P1-X. We have ordered the set complete with DD-mount, pedal slider base and triple monitor stand. For the looks we also ordered some red and black cover strips. Our choices are based on building a cockpit that is easily adjustable and accessible for people between 1.60m and 2.00m. Because we prefer to have the chair fixed, we have therefore chosen the pedal slider base plate. In addition to the Fanatec DD mount, we also opted for the front mount so that we can easily switch between the Fanatec DD and the Simucube 2 Pro wheelbases. We have also opted for a separate triple monitor stand so that you can easily (re)place the screens.

Sim-Lab delivers all their orders via UPS. The lead time can be called impressive at Sim-Lab these days, while in the past they sometimes dropped the ball. With the arrival of their new order/stock system, everything is perfectly arranged. We were kept informed by e-mail from order to delivery and had our order complete within a week. Everything was neatly packed separately and everything was clearly described what it was intended for.

If you understand how the t-slot aluminum profiles work, building the cockpit is quite easy to do. The quality and design are excellent. The possibilities are endless, you can really go in all directions with this cockpit. In addition, the P1-X looks very impressive! We are not going to describe the entire building process, Sim-Lab now has very extensive manual(s) with accompanying pictures available. All in all, we spent more than half a day building. This means building the P1-X, adjusting and hiding the cables. We are very much perfectionists, which may not have benefited the construction time.

Because we have ordered the sim feet, the entry to get in the seat is also a bit higher, which provides a lot more comfort and convenience. Flex is no longer in the dictionary of Sim-Lab, with this cockpiti it’s completely a thing of the past. The cockpit is robust and gives you endless possibilities in terms of setup and adjustability and offers you support for just about all seats, wheelbases and pedal sets on the market.

We have chosen the following for our cockpit

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