Simmakerz Carbon Clutch Paddles for the Fanatec APM

I had been thinking for a while how I could make the golden paddles of the Fanatec Podium Advanced Paddle Module in carbon. I think the Fanatec Formula v2 steering wheel in complete black / carbon / red is a lot nicer than with the gold in it. Coincidentally, I came across the SimMakerZ website via Facebook and it offers a ready-made solution to replace the golden paddles with 3mm carbon paddles and also vinyl stickers for the magnets in various colors. I recently ordered this solution and I am more than satisfied with the looks, because it doesn’t really speed you up!

The package comes in a small bubble envelope containing everything separately and the vinyl stickers well protected between 2 cartons.

Assembly is quite simple, just loosen the screws of the paddles and tighten them carefully. I did degrease the magnets well so that they stick nicely. All in all, a small acquisition with great pleasure, of the looks then 😉