Fanatec CSL DD Wave-3 pre-orders available!

The third and final pre-order wave is now active in all regions, meaning that the CSL DD and its accessories are now visible on the site to everyone, but it is still limited to one unit per customer.

Fanatec CEO Thomas Jackermeier published a blog and video to answer all your questions about the new Fanatec CSL DD. The most important points were the price for the 8Nm further and when they can be ordered. Below you will find an overview of all prices for the different regions. Click on the link(s) for the Fanatec Webstore in your region.

Fanatec CSL DD overview

CSL DD with standard power supply (5 Nm)

CSL DD with Boost Kit 180 (8 Nm)

Boost Kit 180 purchased as a separate upgrade

CSL DD Table Clamp

Check out the Fanatec video ‘our questions answered‘ by Thomas Jackermeier.

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