Fanatec introduces the new CSL Pedals

Fanatec wants to make access to the Fanatec ecosystem more affordable without sacrificing something that has made the Fanatec brand so popular. The mission is to make high-end sim racing gear more affordable.

That’s why the mission was to create the ultimate Load Cell pedals with the same durability and precision as pedals located in a completely different price region.

The result is the CSL Pedals. No short-cuts. No fakery. Pure performance.

  • All metal construction
  • High-resolution contactless Hall Sensors (12-Bit!)
  • Full adjustability
  • Very low entry price with multiple options to upgrade
  • Optional Load Cell Kit for professional braking feel
  • Optional Clutch Kit
  • Optional Tuning Kit with aluminium pedal plates

Starting at just 79.95 €/$ (€ incl. VAT, $ excl. VAT), the CSL Pedals are the perfect compliment to the CSL DD, and a great way to get started in sim racing.

Pre-orders open soon, and it will ship together with the CSL DD.

PS: And in their own words, Fanatec is not done yet 😉