Looking for an affordable, good quality race seat?

I get a lot of emails asking for a good racing seat that is also well priced. I can only answer this with my own experience that I gained in the search for a good and affordable seat as a replacement for the worthless AutoStyle BS7 that I had bought “blind”.

In my own search for a good racing seat for my sim, I presented myself with the following needs; I wanted a chair that is comfortable, that you really fall into and not that you have to push yourself into, I wanted a chair that would be stiff and sturdy but also comfortable and I wanted a chair that was reasonably priced. A utopia or a compromise you would think …

After some research on the internet, it turned out that there are seats with and without the FIA quality mark, a seat without an FIA quality mark quickly saves half the price and a sim is also of no use to that FIA quality mark. I also assume that I will be using the chair for quite some time. Because I still keep motion in the back of my mind and this has to come on my sim someday, a chair that is stiff and sturdy is a must, after all you want to sit firmly and not be thrown out of your cockpit the first time. you crash, this is of course an exaggeration but you know what I mean. In addition, a seat that is quite stiff also gives you good feedback from your cockpit. Just think of braking with a load cell, with a good seating position you get much more feedback during braking instead of pushing yourself backwards with a less good seat.

I myself am quite sturdy and 1.91m tall, so not every chair is comfortable for me. There are many brands on the market such as Sparco, Corbeau, OMP etc. Many of these brands are in stock at the better motorsport shops. After I went to Biesheuvel Autosport for an afternoon with good advice and many passes, I was an experience richer but an illusion poorer, unfortunately my wishes did not all go together. Where a chair was good, the price tag was enormous again, etc. etc. Well, then it was the idea to make a compromise.

I spent a few more evenings searching and comparing, then a friend from the sim racing world pointed out the seats of Lynx Motorsport to me. They use the Mirco chairs and these are being rebranded to their own brand LCD. The company is located in Bergschenhoek, they have a clear website where you can find all the necessary information and the price of the chairs is also very attractive. It was an hour’s drive for me and I decided to have a look. I was well helped upon arrival and I sat down in all models, where the owner mainly looked at my sitting position and fit at the shoulders and neck. After a lot of fitting, measuring, sitting, coffee, more sitting, my choice fell on the LCD Pro-Drift with a set of metal brackets model 5 and a set of sliders. Because I have problems with a hollow back, I bought a matching cushion for this so that the comfort is absolutely great. Because this was a seat without FIA quality mark and I bought a complete set, a competitive price was also made for me.

This chair is very comfortable for me and yet sturdy. There is absolutely no movement in the chair and I stay firmly in the chair when braking. The mounting was quite simple, first measured in which position the seat should be placed, then I removed the crossbars from my GT1 Evo, I mounted the metal brackets on them and then I mounted them on the seat. All this was possible on the GT1 Evo and then I reattached the crossbars. In the end I mounted the chair without the sliders, because then I sit just 2 cm lower which I find more comfortable. In addition, I mounted the chair at the front of the brackets on the highest position and the back on the lowest position, so that you sit at the back a cm or 3 lower so that you lie a bit more in it.

In my opinion, this is a chair that is very comfortable and is also well priced. My advice and experience, drop by and try it on and don’t just buy a chair on the internet!

My purchase

Specifications Bucketseat LCD Pro-Drift

  • Strong and light
  • Lightweight and very strong fiberglass with a shiny black gel coat
  • They confirmation
  • Belt holes for 4, 5 or 6-point seat belts
  • Weight incl. Cover and cushions approx. 8 kg
  • Extra back cushions with Velcro
  • This chair is suitable for people with a height between 170 and 195 cm
  • This chair is suitable for people weighing up to approximately 100 kg
  • Sizes (in mm) from the table
    • a 600
    • b 660
    • c 415
    • d 445
    • e 530
    • f 920
    • g 290
    • h 620
    • i 590

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