Fanatec CSL Elite F1 set Officially Licensed for Playstation

Fanatec equipment for the PS4 and more ..

Because Fanatec is an ecosystem, which means that you can connect all equipment to the wheelbase and use one USB cable, the choice for the PS4 is not that great. After all, the wheelbase must be suitable for the PS4. Outside of the new Podium Racing Wheel F1 set, Fanatec officially only has the CSL Elite Wheelbase for the PS4. In addition to the PS4, these wheelbases can also be used on the PC and / or Xbox One. There are still more options to use other Fanatec Wheelbases on the PS4 via the DriveHub, but then you need an extra box.

Verpakking en Inhoud

The total package consisted of 1 large box for the wheelbase, pedals and steering wheel, and a separate box for the loadcell kit. Fanatec probably packs every order you place separately because for me they were 2 separate packages. In total it was about 23 kg of boxes including content. The shipment was sent via UPS which gave a good delivery indication, unfortunately I was not at home at that time but could pick up the package the same day at a pickup point. There was an extra ‘outer box’ around the boxes so that the original box was not damaged. The equipment itself was very solid and packed tightly.

Unpacking …

The big box contains the ClubSport Steering Wheel F1 eSports, the CSL Elite Wheel Base + and the CSL Elite pedal set. There are also some loose accessories in it such as; a table clamp with screw, the power supply, power cable, USB cable, O-ring (spare).

Included in the load cell box; Loadcell brake pedal unit, loadcell electronics, clutch pedal limiter (to convert your original brake pedal to clutch pedal), USB cable, rubber pedal pad, anti-slip pedal pads, various hardness elastomer springs, stabilizer rods, allen key 2mm, manual and screws.

ClubSport Steering Wheel F1 eSports

This is an F1 style steering wheel that has a smaller rectangular design instead of a ’round’ steering wheel. The steering wheel has two rows of three buttons at the top and in the central part another 5 buttons and 2 thumbsticks which can be operated with your thumb. You can therefore keep 2 hands on the wheel and you do not have to do all kinds of antics to quickly switch between functions. Once you are used to the button configuration you can fully focus on the game. The paddles have mounting screws, with which you can adjust them (towards or away from you) and you can possibly install larger paddles if they are too small. There are plenty of alternative options available for this. I have installed a Magnetic Shift Paddle Mod myself myself.

Once you get used to the shape, the steering wheel feels great. The construction is very luxurious and sollide and has beautiful Alcantera handles. The steering wheel is very complete thanks to a nice little analog thumbstick (great for menu navigation in GT Sport), separate d-pad on the right, a smart digital speedometer and a bright LED array that lets you know when it’s time to shift.

A great feature is that Fanatec’s “quick-release” system is pre-installed on the back of this F1 steering wheel, allowing for quick steering wheel changes.

CSL Elite Wheel Base+ – officially licensed for PS4™ 

In addition to the Playstation 4, the ‘CSL Elite Wheelbase + Officially licensed for PS4’ can also be used on the PC and on the Xbox One, you can switch this via the mode button (blue LED is Playstation 4, red LED is PC and green LED is Xbox One). This wheelbase has a powerful brushless servo motor combined with a single belt drive for a very direct feel with minimal delay. It is equipped with bearings with extra large balls for as little resistance as possible and you can feel it. Where the Thrustmaster T150 and T300 regularly crack, the CSL Elite is fairly quiet. The wheelbase can move 1080 degrees around its axle and produces 6NM of force on the steering axle. You can also hear the cooling blowing softly, but that sound is negligible.

The strength and accuracy of the force feedback of the wheel can be adjusted to your own taste via the wheel or in Windows with the Fanatec FanaLab software. The wheelbase supports five different “settings” profiles that you can quickly switch between (via the steering wheel) for when there are several people in the house with different preferences or to switch between different games.

CSL Elite Pedals with Loadcell Kit

The Fanatec CSL Elite pedals are the entry into the Fanatec pedal range and are available in two different sets. A set with 2 pedals (brake / gas) and 3 pedals with a load cell brake pedal. The load cell is also available separately to upgrade your set with 2 pedals.

Build quality is generally excellent. They are all aluminum construction which makes the set much lighter than expected, while maintaining a solid feel that doesn’t give the impression that you risk breaking them by pressing hard on the pedals.

To sum up the shared components between the 2 sets, the throttle pedal is just ‘fine’, a standard potentiometer setup, 12 bit resolution with a spring stiffness that’s light but not so light that you can’t dose accurately. The no-load cell brake / clutch pedal is the same unit, but with a stiffer spring and a foam pad at the rear for some braking pressure. If you are going to use the pedal as a coupling, the load cell kit comes with a stop to use instead of the foam block.


If you are tied to the Playstation 4, you have little choice besides the Podium Racing Wheel F1 set. The quality is a lot better compared to the competitors Logitech and Thrustmaster. Everything you need for a great sim racing experience is in one big box. The build quality is very good and durable. The steering wheel is very comfortable to hold and all buttons are neatly within reach of your thumb so you don’t have to let go of the steering wheel while driving. The wheelbase is good but can occasionally be a bit numb (too little force feedback) during steering. But if you want to go a step better, you should opt for a Digital Drive version that costs almost 3 times as much. The standard pedal set is fine, but the load cell kit is actually a must, this provides a more realistic braking experience. All in all a lot of ‘bang for bucks’ and certainly a level higher than Logitech and Thrustmaster and therefore worth buying.

The Fanatec CSL Elite F1 set Officially Licensed for PS4 is available for purchase from the Fanatec website.

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