Sim-Lab SD43-X Sim Dash

We all know Sim-Lab because of their GT1 Evo and P1-X cockpits. However, as of recently more and more interesting products from a little town called Tholen, Zeeland are being put on the market, for example the Quick Release QR. Now Sim-Lab has added the SD43-X Sim Dash to it. The device is for sale on the Sim-Lab website and has a price tag of € 349.-. At Sim-Lab they were kind enough to send us one to share our opinion.

Packaging and Contents

The SD43-X Sim Dash is well packaged in a recognizable box. In the box, next to the Sim Dash, we find a USB cable, two different carbon adapter plates, two M5 bolts to mount the adapter plates to the Sim Dash and two M6 bolts to mount the whole to your (Fanatec) wheelbase.

The housing consists of a black anodized aluminum case with the Sim-Lab logo. The back plate is made of carbon with a small cut-out for the USB port. The housing feels very solid and sturdy as a whole. The color display is a 4.3 inch TFT LCD USBD480 screen with a 480×272 resolution, an 8MB buffer, 16-bit color depth and can display up to 90 frames per second. The Sim Dash is powered by 1 single USB cable which is very convenient for your cable management. There are no LEDs in the housing, which could be a drawback to some. As far as we are concerned, we do not miss them and do not think they have to be included.

Assembly and Use

To install the Sim Dash, Sim-Lab has a neatly constructed manual on their website. There is also a QR code for this manual on the inside of the box. In principle, you do not need this as the installation speaks for itself. But of course some reference work is always useful if you can’t figure something out.

You can use the supplied adapter plates on Fanatec (DD, CSW and Elite), Simucube, OSW, MiGe, Bodnar and VRS wheelbases. Using the included M5 bolts you screw the adapter plate that is suitable to you to the Sim Dash, mount it on your wheelbase and you are almost ready to go.

The device is not plug-and-play, you need to install the USBD480 driver for your operating system. You just download the file, install it and plug in the Sim Dash. After these simple steps you can get started with the Sim Dash.

You can use the Sim Dash with different types of software. Z1 Dashboard, JRT or Simhub Dashboard software are supported and provide accurate telemetry data to the device. We ourselves chose Simhub because we already have it running in the background in Windows 10 for other purposes.

There are plenty of varying templates available on the internet through numerous websites which you can use on the Sim Dash in combination with the aforementioned software. The great thing is that you can customize the dashboards to be displayed in such a way that they display the correct information for you. Using the device is simple enough, the chosen software sends telemetry data from your racing game visually to the display. All desired information about your car and circuit can be displayed on the screen. The screen responds very quickly, for example if you press the DRS or Overtake button or if a yellow flag situation arises on the track, this is also immediately visible on the screen without any noticeable delay.

At first we were a bit skeptical about having an ‘annoying box in front of you’, but in practice it was not too bad. You can actually position the Sim Dash in such a way that it fits exactly in the cockpit of your car on your screen. It then falls outside your direct field of vision. After a number of laps we quickly got used to it.


The Sim Dash is a nice-to-have addition to your wheelbase that can provide you with accurate telemetry data about your car and the track. The device feels very solid and sturdy, and is quite easy to assemble and install. The SD43-X Sim Dash is yours for € 349.00 excluding shipping costs, which in our opinion is quite a steep price. However, the device has surprised us very positively. We think it’s a very nice addition to display telemetry data so that it is available to you at a glance.

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