Thrustmaster T-LCM Pedals

Thrustmaster is proud to launch its first multi-platform magnetic pedal set with a brake pedal utilizing “Load Cell” technology. This technology ensures extreme accuracy when braking.

Thrustmaster’s renowned proprietary H.E.A.R.T (Hall Effect AccuRate Technology) system gives e-racers an incredibly realistic experience behind the wheel thanks to magnetic sensors with an accuracy of up to 16 bits.

The T-LCM Pedals are versatile and stable, features that the gameracer can use well. The pedals are adjustable: a set of 6 springs provides a multitude of adjustment options, the 100% metal material is non-slip and settings such as dead zones and electronic counter force [Brake Force] can be adjusted with the supplied software.

This product is compatible with PC (Windows 10/8/7) and with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Compatible with the PC (via USB) in Windows 10/8/7 with all racing wheels on the market. In PC games (connection via USB cable) the T-LCM Pedals has an accuracy of 16 bits per pedal. Compatible with PS4 and Xbox One with the Thrustmaster T-GT, T300, T150, TS-XW, TX and TMX racing wheels. In PS4 and Xbox One games (connection via the RJ12 cable) the T-LCM Pedals has an accuracy of 12 bits per pedal.

Important points

  • Use of magnetic sensors without physical contact or potentiometers guarantees unlimited life and optimum accuracy.
  • Use of “Load Cell” weigh cells to measure pedal forces: up to 100 kg of pressure for the perfect amount of braking force.
  • Adjustable mechanical braking force thanks to a set of 6 springs supplied with the pedal set that can be quickly and flexibly adjusted.
  • Pedals that can be individually adjusted (height, spacing and angle of inclination) for optimal comfort while racing and according to personal preferences.
  • Calibration software for adjusting the braking force and the dead zones of all 3 pedals.

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