The Aiologs Sim Sequential Shifter 2019

Ooooh boy am I excited! Aiologs sent me the latest version of their Sim Sequential (SQ) Shifter to test, and of course I did!

The Aiologs Sim SQ Shifter is renowned worldwide for its build quality and labeled as one of the better sequential shifters, and now there is the updated 2019 version. This version has an improved construction, an improved type of axles and bearings and an improved version of the gear knob. The great thing about this version is that it can also be used with the DriveHub on Xbox One and PS4 consoles. In addition, they have also built in LED lighting which you can adjust to your own liking with the software on the PC with.

Sequential gearbox

What is a sequential gearbox? A sequential manual gearbox is a non-traditional type of manual gearbox used on motorcycles and high-performance auto racing cars, where gears are selected in sequence by a straight motion.

Sequential vs H shifter

1. The sequential switching is faster. For example, to go from 2nd to 3rd gear on the “H” pattern, you have to move the lever up / down or down / up in a non-straight position, that takes time. With a sequential gearbox, you simply push the lever up or down for each gear change.

2. The sequential circuit is consistent. You don’t have to think, “Let’s see, I’m in second gear, so I have to go up a gear to go third.” You simply push the lever back – it’s the same movement for every gear.

3. The hand location is consistent. With the “H” pattern, the shift lever location changes, so you need to think about where to place your hand depending on the gear you’re in. With a sequential gearbox, the shift lever is always in the same position for the next shift.

Packaging and Contents

You will receive a neat email from Aiologs containing the tracking data and links to the manual and software for the adjustable lighting. All in all, the package was on its way from Russia to the Netherlands for 8 days. The packaging and its contents are well taken care of by Aiologs. You will receive a sturdy brown box containing all parts separately packed in bubble wrap to prevent damage.

In the package you will find the shifter already pre-assembled with a table mount bracket, hardware for table mounting, the new 2019 gear knob, the shaft between the gear knob and the shifter-base and a mounting plate for t-slot mounting. The manual is digital and based on the previous version, but it can still be used for the 2019 version.


The table clamp is already mounted as standard, if you want to mount it in this way, you only have to put the rubber strips at the bottom and click the plastic cap over the steel plate. For mounting on an 8020 aluminum rig you need to disassemble the table clamp and use the supplied mounting plate. This is easy to assemble with 2 M5 screws. Unfortunately screws for mounting on your cockpit are not included. I used 2 t-slots and M6 bolts which I already had to mount it.


The Aiologs Sim SQ Shifter is plug-and-play, which means you can simply plug it into the USB port of your PC or Drivehub and use it. I had to configure the ‘gear up’ and ‘gear down’ in rFactor 2 and RaceRoom and start racing. I configured the ‘gear up’ by pulling the lever towards me and the ‘gear down’ by pushing the lever forward. There are opinions that this should be the other way around, but in my experience this is not the case. Other than that, it is just a cool device, it really adds to the experience. The shifting is super fast, adds more experience and ultimately it makes me faster on the track. Then you can of course wonder how slow I am normally, but that aside.

Adjustable lighting via software

To be fair, you don’t have to expect much from this and it only adds little. As soon as you connect the USB cable to your PC, the small LED on the inside of the shifter lights up (red by default). Via the software (download of 10MB, extract the file and place it somewhere on your C-drive) you can simply click on another color and that’s it. The LED is on the inside in the front of the shifter and is reasonably visible from the seating position.


The first thing that comes to mind is ‘Gosh this so cool’ !! Yes, it is a really nice way of shifting and it really adds something in terms of user-experience. The shifter is plug-and-play via USB to the PC and on the DriveHub via the accessory USB input. You have to apply some force to shift trough gears and you can feel it switching gears well. I am (and will continue to be) a virtual F1 driver and prefer to use the paddles on the F1 steering wheel. But with the mounting of the Fanatec BMW GT2 steering wheel on the CSW v2.5 Wheel Base and a trip to rFactor 2 or RaceRoom, shifting with a Sequential Shifter in a Touring car is suddenly a completely different experience. You can clearly see the inside of the shifter through the plexiglass lid. The LED lighting is minimal and only illuminates a small part in the front of the housing and in my opinion it does not add much. I would rather have seen the whole housing well lit than 1 meager LED. Perhaps Aiologs can place more LEDs in the next version of this shifter so that the entire inside is nicely lit. But apart from that one minus point, I am still just as enthusiastic about this shifter as I was at the beginning of the review and it motivates me to step into touring cars more often.

At the time of writing, the Aiologs Sim Shifter Sequential is available for pre-order and costs $ 165 (approx. € 150) plus shipping. For more information and / or ordering, you can visit the Aiologs website.