TREQ One Simrig

Since the launch of the company in 2020, there has always been good contact between TREQ and SRB, for example, there is a collaboration with a personal discount code which gives you a nice discount on all orders at TREQ. A while ago we discussed with them how it’s funny that no TREQ products have been tested and reviewed by us yet. This led to the question whether we were interested in reviewing the TREQ One simrig. Our answer was of course; yes! We had to organize a few things in our limited space to accommodate for this rig, but we soon had everything arranged. A short drive to TREQ’s head office in Duiven and back with a fully loaded car, carrying various boxes upstairs and we are ready to begin.

For this review we have chosen the TREQ One in combination with CSL DD side mount, cup holder, leveling feet, single monitor stand, mouse tray, headphone holder and the keyboard tray. To complete the review, we have chosen the now very popular LCD Pro Drift as our seat. For hardware we mount the Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro bundle. To protect the floor, we have also placed a suitable rug under the rig. The basic colors of TREQ are black and blue and we have of course taken that into account in our choices.

The TREQ One is available at the time of writing for € 425.-, but you still need a seat and of course your equipment. You can easily expand the rig with all kinds of accessories so that you only have to get out of your seat for the sanitary pit stops. At the time of writing you’d pay € 870.- for our configuration (excl. seat), but that does provide you with a good foundation.

Packaging & Content

In this case, we decide to pick up the orders at TREQ’s head office. It’s always enjoyable to have a cup of coffee and see which faces are behind the company. A nice alternative to get our stuff at home. The delivery time is 2 to 3 weeks at the time of writing, this has everything to do with the limited supply of materials due to the worldwide shortage of raw materials. If the aluminum can be delivered as desired, TREQ aims to ship your order the next working day. We ‘ve been kept informed by email about the status of our order from the moment of ordering to delivery. Our order is packed economically in 2 sturdy brown boxes so that no unnecessary space is wasted. Inside the box, each profile is also neatly protected in bubble wrap. After unpacking everything, our building adventure is ready to begin.

Technique & Quality

The concept of a rig with aluminum extrusion profiles is nothing new, but it does offer you enough options in terms of adjustment to build the perfect rig suited for you. The cockpit mainly consists of aluminum extrusion profiles and the associated bolts, t-slot nuts and connectors. With a little insight and the enclosed manual, working with aluminum extrusion profiles is very easy. The principle is simple; By assembling different profiles using the various connectors, you build a simple yet very sturdy base for your rig. The black aluminum profiles are scratch-sensitive, but if you work carefully you will be able to assemble the rig almost scratch-free. The quality of the TREQ One can be considered very solid and you will buy a rig of this caliber for the duration of your simracing life. We do, however, find the cover caps of the corner brackets a point of attention, because they are not so firmly fixed in the corner brackets and regularly fall out.

Assembly & Use

We are not going to do a construction report of our cockpit in this review, we do not have to reinvent the wheel because a clear manual is included for this. We spent about half a day building our cockpit, but we have to mention that we are very perfectionistic (such as measuring to the millimeter, good cable management and adjustment) and we like to spend some extra time doing all of this.

Once you have the base of the rig ready you can start building the pedal deck, wheel mount and seat mount. We have ordered the leveling feet, which raises your cockpit about 5 cm, which benefits getting in and out of the cockpit. In addition, you can also level the entire rig, something that is virtually impossible with the standard rubber feet. Unfortunately, we had one wrong mounting plate supplied with us, but TREQ solved this neatly within 24 hours and we are able to quickly continue with the installation.

We think the pedal plate of this rig is a big plus. Although mounting certain pedal sets from below, such as the new Fanatec CSL pedals, can present quite a few challenges, you are quite flexible with this pedal plate. In addition, the complete pedal plate can be positioned very well on the rig. By this we mean that the side plates are provided with holes instead of slots, this makes adjustment a lot easier because the entire thing does not fall down immediately when you loosen the bolts. By loosening the bolts you can easily slide the pedal plate from front to back. That’s why we also ordered the handle screws, so you can make adjustments to your rig even more easily if necessary.

Placing our LCD Pro Drift seat is pretty straightforward. The easiest thing to do, we think, is to mount the profiles under the seat and put it on the rig as a whole. Now you can measure and reposition it properly. By globally adjusting your seating position opposite the pedal plate, you can also more easily determine how exactly your steering column should be positioned.

In our case, the steering column presented a challenge. Because I (Roy) am quite tall (1.92m) and like to keep the wheelbase horizontal as much as possible, the CSL DD side mount came to the highest position. The result was a huge flex on the horizontal profiles of the steering column. Normally you fix the side mount at 4 points, but this was not possible with us and therefore we could only use the bottom 2 mounting points. After some texting back and forth with TREQ, we came up with 2 options to solve this. It was either longer vertical profiles or the 500mm profile (that of the standard wheel deck) to mount under the side mount. We opted for the 2nd option and the flex has completely disappeared. This is an additional disadvantage if you are a bit taller and want to mount the wheelbase horizontally. Fortunately, it is also quite easy to solve without looking odd.

A nice extra are the supplied cable management tools in the box. This allows you to finish your TREQ One neatly so that almost all cables are out of sight. 5 pieces are included as standard, but it is not a luxury to order a little extra. A small disadvantage of these cable management tools is that you secure the cables with tie wraps on the brackets. Small Velcro straps might have been a more durable solution if you ever want to mount an extra or different cable.

To finalize the mounting chapter we have an extra tip! Use a few layers of painter’s tape on the unfinished parts of the profiles. You notice that after building you still have to move a bit here and there to adjust everything properly. The use of painter’s tape on the unfinished parts prevents scratches on your beautiful (black) aluminum profiles.

Before writing this review, we were able to drive over the various virtual circuits in the TREQ One Simrig for over a month and a half and we certainly liked it. In the Formula 1 cars of F1 2022 and GT cars in Assetto Corsa (Competizione) we had a great time. After assembling the rig, we only made some minor adjustments in the fine-tuning category to create an even better seating position. This involved adjustments to the pedal plate and steering column which we had to slide a few cm forward or back.


We like the TREQ One Simrig and we get along well with the various racing games. The assembly and adjustment is very easy and we have not encountered any strange things. It is a sturdy construction and it offers you a lot of flexibility in terms of adjustment and mounting options. We do, however, find the cover caps of the corner brackets a point of attention, they are not firmly in the brackets and regularly fall out. The extra accessories we have chosen are not a must, but they do offer you a lot of comfort and convenience. In terms of looks, the rig also performs very well, especially if you opt for the black aluminum profiles. With a price starting from € 425.- you buy a very solid basis that you can basically use for your entire sim racing life.

As mentioned, we have a collaboration with TREQ, because of this we have personal discount codes available. Have you become enthusiastic after reading this review and do you also want to order a rig and/or accessories from TREQ? By filling out our contact form, we will send you a personal discount code back.

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