Abruzzi RaceWear Custom Gloves

As we mentioned in an earlier post, Abruzzi Racewear has sent us another nice package with their most recent models. We always really appreciate this from Abruzzi and we are happy to test them! In our previous review of the standard gloves, we talked about a new favorite. Well this has become the ‘externally stitched custom gloves’! While we always like to go back to our first version of the custom gloves, we now do that to these gloves. These custom gloves with the stitching on the outside provide great comfort. You really only feel soft comfortable fabric and no seams or stitching. The gloves have an excellent fit and are very comfortable. There is also good grip pads on the gloves in all the right places (no excessive amount). What we also think is very cool as Formula 1 enthusiasts, the gloves have a real Formula 1 look. We thought the gloves smelled a bit musty, so we provided them with a short program in the washing machine and now they smell wonderfully fresh. A cosmetic disadvantage is that the numbers on the gloves come off, according to Abruzzi, this has to do with the way of heating during gluing, which they had not yet mastered properly. They have adjusted this in their process, and now it will be fine on the current models. We at SimRaceBlogNL will know soon because a new pair is already coming our way.

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