Gomez Sim Industries Formula Pro Elite

The Formula Pro Elite is a full featured sim steering wheel. Using only the finest materials and construction the feeling is nothing short of rock solid immersion. No flex, no compromises. The wheel comes with a full color high resolution USBD480 screen that can be used with all of today’s popular sim software. The magnetic gear shifters are constructed out of a solid block of 6061 aluminum and provide a crisp and tactile feedback on up and down shifts. The wheel consists of 3 core materials. 5mm Carbon Fiber in Matte Twill, 6061 Aluminum body parts and direct injection silicone rubber handles for maximum grip and comfort.


  • 5mm Thick Carbon Fiber Face Plate
  • 310mm Diameter
  • 70mm threaded bolt pattern
  • Connection via USB
  • USBD480 Screen
  • 7 Way Funky Switch
  • 10 momentary buttons
  • 5 Rotary Encoders
  • Aluminum Magnetic Shifters
  • Touch screen (optional)
  • Dual clutch (optional)

Each wheel comes with an extra sheet of both rotary labels and button labels.

Source: https://gomezsimindustries.com