New chapter for F1 games

Last week, Codemasters and EA announced that the newest game in the F1 franchise, F1 2021, will be released on July 16, 2021. This was done with a flashy, but unfortunately not so revealing trailer.

Luckily, in addition to the trailer, details have also been released to warm us up for the first Codemasters F1 game that will be released under the EA banner. They revealed that there will be a new concept for the career mode and the circuits of Imola, Portimão and Jeddah will make their first entrance to the F1 game franchise. Let’s take a closer look at the announcements that have been made.

“Breaking point”

The new career mode in F1 is what is heavily represented in the trailer, “Breaking Point”. In this single player mode you will start your career as a driver in Formula 2 and you will have to make your way to the pinnacle of motorsport. EA indicates that in this career mode a driver’s lifestyle will be experienced both on and off the track. Besides the fact that your old rival Devon Butler (That mean little man from F1 2019) will appear again, not much more is known yet. EA has already indicated that they will reveal a lot about this new game mode in the coming weeks, so keep an eye on their channels.

“Two player career”

This is definitely one of the best additions to the F1 series in F1 2021. With this, Codemasters and EA show that the sounds from the community are getting through to them and that they want to meet people’s needs. As the title clearly indicates, this concerns the normal career mode of the F1 game that you can play with a friend. In this mode, you can tear through the 2021 F1 calendar as teammates or rivals to prove once and for all who is the best driver.

“Real-Season Start”

Another new single-player feature that the developers are bringing to the game is the new “Real-Season Start”. The “Real-Season Start” in F1 2021 allows you to jump into this season’s action through the live leaderboards and then take over and drive the remaining races. Great for players who want to get into the season and tune in to the real season.

What else is in the game?

Of course, the functionalities of the previous game also end up in its new successor. The possibilities for playing My Team, split-screen for two players, short seasons and Formula 2 will return in F1 2021. There will also be some expansions to other features. Think of scalable options for assists, driver statistics and of course the much played multiplayer.


If you want to be on pole position when the game releases, you can already buy the game as a pre-order. For this, additional content will be available to you in the form of the Braking Point Content Pack, a set of exclusive in-game items inspired by the fictional stars from the new story experience and 5000 PitCoins.

A digital Deluxe Edition of F1 2021 will also be available. The Digital Deluxe Edition includes seven soon-to-be-revealed classic F1 drivers for My Team, three-day early access, additional accessories, 18,000 PitCoins and the Braking Point Content Pack.