Turn Racing R20 Evo

Turn Racing is a one man company which is run by Zach Hodgson. The company was founded in 2016 and is based in the United States. Zach started the company from a garage in order to design and develop high-end simrace hardware. Turn Racing’s vision is to create an ecosystem that simulates the reality and development of real world racing. Zach perfectly describes Turn Racing in one word. Passion. It’s the passion for motorsport, engineering, beauty and design that drives Zach to run his company.

When we came in contact with Turn Racing, there was an immediate click. Zach is a very friendly guy who makes really beautiful things. After emailing back and forth about our shared passion, Zach suggested to send us the new Turn Racing R20 Evo. He also left it up to us to see what beautiful things we could create from this wheel. The R20 Evo is a barebone steering wheel on which you can mount your own (DIY) button box and / or quick-release system. Since we wanted to use this steering wheel on the Fanatec ecosystem in combination with Assetto Corsa Competizione, we decided to only mount a Fanatec Universal Hub on it. For the Turn Racing R20 Evo you will spend about € 190.- incl. * Shipping costs. A Fanatec Universal Hub is for sale for € 360.- incl. Shipping.

* It is possible that VAT and import costs are added to this, check the Customs website for this.

The Turn Racing R20 Evo is a 305mm steering wheel with an open top. The steering wheel weighs 542 grams and fits just about any variant of 70mm pattern (DIY) button boxes, quick-releases, etc. The base consists of a 5mm brushed aluminum front plate with a matte black powder-coated finish. The grip of the steering wheel is made of elastomer and covered with hand-lined suede. A nice eye-catcher is the Turn logo with a yellow fill in the middle of the steering wheel.

Packaging and Contents

As we mentioned, Turn Racing is based in the United States, but despite the distance, the steering wheel was delivered in the Netherlands by UPS within a week. Despite the fact that Zach sent us the R20 Evo, we had to pay € 16.00 VAT and import costs. Of course we did not think this was the end of the world, but we would like to mention this so that you will not be faced with any unexpected costs when ordering from outside the United States. In addition to the R20 Evo, you will also find a sticker and a brush with a manual to maintain the suede in the box.

The Steering Wheel

The R20 Evo does not only look beautiful but also feels like a very comfortable high-end steering wheel. The R20 Evo is provided with a good quality suede. Zach covers each steering wheel by hand, his craftsmanship is immediately apparent. As we said, the handlebar feels very comfortable and the grip is perfectly shaped for both big and small hands. The Fanatec Universal Hub is quite easy to assemble with 6 bolts without having to make any adjustments. We are ready to boot Assetto Corsa Comptezione and go racing!

We primarily like to drive open-wheel cars, but every now and then we really enjoy a trip to GT cars. As soon as you use a matching steering wheel, this greatly increases the experience. This is exactly what Turn Racing has achieved very well with the R20 Evo. When using the Fanatec Universal Hub, you will notice that you have enough space to properly place your hands around the rim. The steering wheel is perfect for use without gloves, however we always recommend to use gloves. All buttons are easily accessible without having to let go of the steering wheel. Flex is completely absent, this is mainly due to the 5mm thick aluminum base. In terms of maintenance you don’t have to do much, using the brush every now and then to take care of the suede is more than enough to make the steering wheel looks like new again. Furthermore, you just have to do what the R20 Evo is made for, race and go fast!


The Turn Racing R20 has positively surprised us in every way. The steering wheel feels very comfortable and greatly enhances the experience in GT cars. The finish is really sublime and Zach’s ‘passion’ can be seen and felt in everything in this steering wheel. Initially, around € 190 for a barebone steering wheel is quite substantial. We think it is competitively priced. If you look at the competitors, you might find they are a lot more expensive. Together with the Fanatec Universal Hub, you’d look at a price of around € 550, making this combination very successful for us. It is difficult to say much about a barebone steering wheel, but the fact that we have no further comments on it only emphasizes the strength of this steering wheel. The Turn Racing R20 Evo feels like one part together with the Fanatec Universal Hub giving us a very pleasant experience!

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